Nominations are now being accepted for CREW Tampa Bay’s 2018 Board of Directors!

News Article:

Nominations are now being accepted for CREW Tampa Bay’s
2018 Board of Directors!

Between now and August 15, we are accepting nominations to fill up to 6 open seats on the Board of Directors:

  • Secretary (2-year term)
  • Treasurer (2-year term)
  • National Network Delegate (1-year term)
  • Director at Large - up to 3 seats - (2-year term)


This is a fantastic opportunity to be involved in the business of CREW Tampa Bay, so please give these nominations careful consideration.

The duties of these positions are described below. If you have interest in serving, please feel free to self-nominate. If you know of any exceptional members who would be perfect for a position on the Board of Directors, please nominate them!

Nominate yourself or another CREW Tampa Bay member by submitting the attached application to Shelley Roth-Kocsis at by August 15.

The Nominating Committee will present the proposed Board of Directors slate to members for a vote in accordance with our bylaws. Click here view the CREW Tampa Bay Bylaws.

Nominations will be accepted until August 15, 2017.

Secretary. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a record of all votes, resolutions and the proceedings of all meetings as directed by the Board of Directors; to prepare, if required by the Board of Directors, an annual report of the transactions and condition of CREW Tampa Bay (the “CTB”); and generally to devote best efforts to forwarding the business and advancing the interests of CTB. In addition, it shall be the duty of the Secretary to provide notices of all meetings of CTB; to conduct all correspondence and to carry into execution all orders, votes and resolutions not otherwise committed; to oversee CTB’s website; to keep a list of CTB members; to notify CTB members of their nomination and/or election; and, at the request of Committee Chairs, to give notice of the meetings of committees; and generally to devote best efforts to forwarding the business and advancing of the interests of CTB. The Secretary shall be entitled to use administrative staff and agents to assist with correspondence, meetings, membership lists and notices, including the preparation and delivery of notices to CTB members.

Treasurer. The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds of CTB and other valuable effects, and shall keep full and accurate accounts of all monies received and expended for the use of CTB in books belonging to CTB. The Treasurer shall deposit all funds and other valuable effects in the name and to the credit of CTB in such bank or banks as may be designated from time to time by the Board of Directors, and make a report of all transactions as Treasurer and of the financial condition of the CTB, at the Board of Directors meetings and annual meeting of the members of the CTB or when called upon by the President. The funds, books and vouchers in the hands of the Treasurer shall at all times be under the supervision of the Board of Directors and subject to its inspection and control. At the expiration of the Treasurer’s terms of office, the Treasurer shall deliver over to the Treasurer- elect all books, records, monies and other property, or, in the absence of a Treasurer-elect, to the President.

National Network Delegate. It shall be the duty of the National Network delegate to keep membership apprised of CREW Network activities, attend the annual CREW Network Convention, and Leadership Summit meeting, and participate on CREW Network teleconferences and committees on behalf of CTB. The 2018 CREW Network Convention is held on October 17 - 19 in San Diego, California. The 2018 Winter Leadership Summit is held on February 1 - 2 in Tucson, Arizona, and the 2018 Spring Leadership Summit is held on June 21 - 22 in Cleveland, Ohio. Reasonable travel, lodging and registration expenses for the Convention and Leadership Summits are paid by CTB. The Delegate position is the first year of an expected four-year term on the Board. The following year, the Delegate moves to the President Elect position; then to the President position in the third year; then to the immediate Past President position in the fourth year.

Board of Directors. CREW Tampa Bay is managed by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may exercise all powers of CTB and perform all lawful acts which are not prohibited by CTB's Bylaws. Board members should be committed to CTB's success, residents of the State of Florida, and able to attend monthly Board meetings (typically held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month). At the first Board of Directors meeting in each fiscal year, the Board shall decide whether any subcommittees shall be in place for such fiscal year, and appoint the chairs of any such subcommittees. The Board of Directors shall also (1) elect replacement chairs of the standing committees and any subcommittees, and CREW Network delegates to fill vacancies throughout the fiscal year at any Board of Directors meeting; (2) hold meetings at such times and places as it considers proper; (3) expel and terminate membership of members; (4) appoint committees consisting of members of the Board of Directors or CTB; (5) audit bills and disburse the funds of CTB; (6) print, circulate and publish notices, articles and other documents; (7) carry on correspondence and communicate with other associations interested in the real estate profession; (8) employ agents; and (9) devise and carry into execution such other measures as it deems proper and expedient to promote the objective of CTB and to best protect the interest and welfare of the members of CTB.