• Membership

  • CREW Tampa Bay Membership Benefits

    CREW Network is committed to leading to change

    We accomplish this by strategically building our network to provide members the strongest business connections available; providing targeted training to create strong industry leaders; developing critical tools to support strong chapters; facilitating industry advancement by conducting important industry research; and creating a strong CREW Network brand to promote the professional excellence of CREW Network members.

    • Superior business development networking opportunities – CREW Network is one of a select group of commercial real estate associations that are multi-disciplined

    • The ONLY association dedicated to influencing the success of the commercial real estate industry by advancing the achievements of women

    • Leadership training & mentoring opportunities with professionals from within and outside your industry discipline

    • Dedicated to conducting and publishing industry research studies that support women in commercial real estate Integrated technology that supports members, chapters and partners in seeking out experts in the commercial real estate industry throughout North America

    • Complimentary Leadership Development webinars presented by tenured experts in the industry and at leading universities

    • Exclusive access to CREWbiz® proprietary business networking tool, which provides members the opportunity to promote their expertise to more than 9,500 CREW Network members across North America

    • Branding and promotion of CREW Network organization and members in industry journals and publications including the Wall Street Journal to increase organization’s support and create awareness of CREW chapters and members

    • Best practices of chapters and members through member-to-member networking, board hosted calls and chapter playbooks addressing sponsorship, membership, career outreach programs and chapter administration

  • Membership Requirements

    CREW Tampa Bay has five categories of membership – General, Executive Council, Affiliate, Associate, and Student. The criteria for each category are listed below:

    Qualifying Fields of Commercial Real Estate

    •  Accounting
    •  Appraisal
    •  Architecture/Interior Design/Space Planning
    •  Asset Management/Property Management
    •  General Contracting
    •  Corporate Real Estate
    •  Development
    •  Engineering/Surveying
    •  Environmental
    •  Finance/Lending/Mortgage Banking
    •  Government / Non-Profit Association
    •  Commercial Insurance – Property & Casualty/Liability
    •  Land Use/Urban Planning
    •  Law
    •  Real Estate Advisory / Real Estate Consulting
    •  Real Estate Brokerage
    •  Real Estate Owner / Real Estate Investor / REIT
    •  Title Insurance/Escrow Services
  • Membership Criteria

    Application for General Membership in CREW Tampa Bay is open to commercial real estate professionals who meet the following criteria:

    • The applicant has been employed in a “Qualified Field of Commercial Real Estate” for a minimum of five (5) years.
    • The qualifying fields of commercial real estate are defined above and include professionals engaged in any of these specific fields.

    Executive Council Memberships have the same qualifications as General Members but with at least 15 years of experience in their industry. They must be a CREW Tampa Bay General or Affiliate member to sit on the Executive Council.

    Affiliate Memberships in CREW Tampa Bay is open to any person within Commercial Real Estate industry whose profession does not meet the requirements of the other categories of membership. Also, they must have a minimum of five (5) years of business experience in the Commercial Real Estate industry. Affiliate memberships are not automatically renewable and can be subject to annual review and approval by the Membership Committee. In addition to regular CREW annual dues, Affiliate members must commit to sponsor annually at a minimum of $1,000 for each membership term.

    Associate Memberships have the same qualifications but with less than five years experience in commercial real estate.

    Student Memberships - the applicant must be must be pursuing education intended to lead to a career in a commercial real estate field and be enrolled full time in an undergraduate college or university program. Additionally, they must actively participate in CREW committees and events.

    Multiple Chapter Membership provides a membership in CREW Tampa Bay for individuals who have a General Membership in another CREW Network chapter.

    Membership in CREW Network and CREW Tampa Bay is non-transferable, non-refundable, and belongs to the individual (not the company).


    Click here to see the detailed Membership Criteria

  • Dues

    Annual dues for CREW Tampa Bay 2017 (January – December 2017) are $365, of which $180 is forwarded to CREW Network and $185 is retained by our local chapter. After July 1st dues are reduced to $200 for the remainder of the year ($145 for graduate student members), of which $105 is forwarded to CREW Network and $95 is retained by our local chapter.

    Applications are accepted throughout the year on a rolling basis, however membership dues are on an annual basis, January to December. Once an application is completed online, CREW Network submits the application to the Membership Committee who verifies the information submitted and contacts the sponsor. The sponsor must be a current member of the Tampa Bay chapter and is notified to confirm that they are indeed sponsoring the applicant. When the review is complete, the Membership Committee’s recommendation and application is communicated to the CREW Chapter Services Coordinator at CREW Network. The applicant will be notified of the membership decision by either the Membership Chair or the Chapter Administrator. The full process typically takes 7 to 14 days.

    Dues paid to CREW - Tampa Bay are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes, but may be deductible as business expenses.

    Dues will be invoiced upon acceptance.