Member Spotlight: Rafiela "Rafi" Wagoner

July 12, 2022

Rafiela “Rafi” Wagoner with ODP Architects
July 2022

The CREW Tampa Bay Spotlight series for July shines the light on Rafiela “Rafi” Wagoner.  Rafi is an interior designer who recently made a career move to O’Donnell Dannwolf and Partners Architects, Inc. (aka ODP Architecture).  ODP Architecture is headquartered in Hollywood, Florida, and has a secondary office in Ft. Lauderdale.  With the strong growth and demand for unique design concepts in Tampa Bay, ODP branched out and opened their third office on Twiggs Street in Tampa to help meet those demands.  The firm offers a team-centric atmosphere with a corporate culture characterized by optimism, drive, and the will to succeed—a perfect match for Rafi’s strong professional goals and desire to fully thrive on a challenging career path.  The move to ODP allows Rafi to appreciate the small, growing office feel with the strong backing of a larger company.

Rafi is a Florida girl!  She was born in Gainesville and raised with her older brother in the town of Celebration, near Orlando.   From a young age, Rafi found her love of architectural and interior design.  Her father was an architect, and as Rafi was growing up, he would bring her to his architectural studio.  She would immerse herself in the studio’s materials library, and to this day, she has always had a passion for the mixture of creativity.  That passion led her back to her roots in Gainesville to earn her Bachelor of Design with focus in Interior Design from the University of Florida.  

Rafi has grown to become a very strong arts and design professional.  She believes communication is the key to a solid, rewarding career.  Not being afraid to ask questions, learn new things, and move forward with that knowledge has allowed Rafi to run her projects smoothly.  She understands that the lack of communication can easily lead to missed opportunities.  Rafi firmly believes that success isn’t found in professional steps or in any number; it equates to overall happiness, and her happiness comes from taking pride in the work she does.  She savors the ever-changing trends, the various challenges, and the overall flexibility in design.  Rafi has learned that design is never a right or wrong practice, and she’s found that the options and opportunities at every turn are vast.  In the end, her true enjoyment is seeing people utilize the space and live the experience she helps to create.  

Being a CREW Tampa Bay member since 2020 has allowed Rafi the opportunity to meet new people, network and utilize her talents while volunteering.  She is a member of the PR/Marketing/Communications Committee and helps with the promotion of various CREW events.  Rafi is one of the creative geniuses behind many of the graphics you see on CREW Tampa Bay’s social media pages.  Rafi is extremely organized, and she is known to be the “planner of the group” by her friends, co-workers, and colleagues.  She knows how to get things done!
In her spare time, Rafi loves spending time with her dog, Lady.  She also enjoys traveling and hopes to one day have a vacation home in the mountains where she can host friends and family.  Rafi is always up for adventure.  She loves going out to new places, taking in hockey games, relaxing at the beach, and socializing with friends.