Member Spotlight: Jannie Hueting

April 24, 2023
Once you know how to pronounce Jannie Hueting’s name, it will be one you’ll definitely remember! Jannie (pronounced YAA-NEE) is derived from the full name Jannettje which is a traditional Dutch name that has been in Jannie’s family for many, many years. Jannie is a highly motivated, results-driven real estate professional with NorthBridge Commercial Real Estate Group, LLC. NorthBridge is a successful, entrepreneurial company which focuses on full retail brokerage, property leasing, management, tenant representation, and consulting services for tenants, landlords, and developers.

As the famous American author and lecturer, Dale Carnegie, said, “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” Jannie definitely has a lot of fun in her career! She is highly successful and sincerely loves her job! She has been in the commercial real estate business for over 30 years, and her enthusiasm in her field is one of the main reasons she can’t wait to wake up in the morning! She genuinely enjoys bringing people together, watching them develop their new business ventures, and helping them to expand on their success. In growing her company, Jannie focuses on tenacity, integrity, and transparency and prides herself on finding the “win-win” successes when composing contracts and agreements. She loves meeting the day-to-day challenges within the commercial real estate realm. When presenting sites, Jannie empowers her clients with information. She is a fair, firm, and extremely respectful negotiator with amazing follow-through. Getting the right deal done is inspirational, and Jannie thrives on knowing that even 10-15 years later, her tenants continue to have strong, successful, and vibrant businesses.

Jannie, a Tampa native, credits her mother and father with instilling strong moral values, respect for others, as well as a tenacious work ethic. Her parents were immigrants from Holland and worked hard to earn their right to become American citizens. Jannie, her sister, and her brother fully respect, admire, and appreciate their parents’ quest for citizenship, and Jannie has always maintained that instilled attitude of determination, consideration, and dedication in her daily life. She continues to honor her parents by teaching that same tenacious work ethic, strong moral values, and respect for others to her own children.

Outside of work and family life, Jannie spends a lot of her time giving back to her community by volunteering in various capacities with different organizations. She has an ardent desire to help people! UCREW is what attracted Jannie to CREW Tampa Bay as it gives her the opportunity to focus on college students and help them grow in their own real estate careers, so understandably, Jannie participates annually in the “Great American Teach In,” and she whole-heartedly believes in helping young women and young professionals learn more about real estate, business, and personal finance. Her volunteer roles focus on ways she can help to further educate and mentor women who could greatly benefit from additional education. She utilizes her experiences, struggles, and challenges she faced in her own career to help teach and coach others in their careers. Jannie has been an integral part of CREW Tampa Bay since August of 2021 where she serves as the Chair of the UCREW and Economic Summit committees and is a mentor for the Executive Council’s CREW Mates program.

In her spare time, Jannie enjoys learning, reading, and listening to books on the Audible platform. She especially enjoys the historical fiction genre, and she is a member of a long-standing book club that she started over 20 years ago! Jannie is a “self-imposed” foodie who loves to experiment with new recipes and various ingredients. She belongs to a group of restaurant-goer friends who get together once a month for “Alphabet Dinners.” The group starts with the letter “A” then goes to a different local eatery where the establishment’s name begins with the next letter of the alphabet. She relishes supporting small businesses in Tampa Bay while enjoying a nice meal out with friends.

CREW Tampa Bay would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Jannie and her firm, NorthBridge Commercial Real Estate Group, LLC, for their 2023 sponsorship of two lunch programs, Go Fish!, and the Economic Summit.